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We would like to infrom you that due to the increased order book, we will no longer be able to take a designed spa cover order at this moment. The expected date of restart is in second quater of 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

Spaziano tray

Price € 175.99
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A convenient place for spa users to put cell phones, beverages and more.
The Spaziano rotating tray is sturdy and versatile and offers the perfect solution to an age-old problem for spa users: Where can I put my stuff?
Now all of these items: snacks, drinks, reading materials, cell phones, glasses and more, can be placed easily within reach.

- Sturdy reinforced plastic on a stainless steel post
- Swings toward and away for easy access; can rotate full 360°
- Uses one composite mounting bracket with 8 screws
- Installs within minutes on virtually any spa

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